Monday, February 4, 2008

Eleven people are injured. Some of them are likely to spend years (if my case is typical) dealing with the bombing. One family is probably right now in the process of burying their loved one.

In Gaza, children are giving out sweets to celebrate.

There is something just terribly, terribly wrong here.

I have radical right-wing friends. I have radical left-wing friends. I have friends of every stripe in between. I can state, categorically, that I have never seen any of them celebrate in any way, when innocent Palestineans are injured or killed.

Suicide bombings are wrong. Everyone repeat after me: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Now, if only I could get the terrorist organizations to read my blog. And, like, repeat after me and all that.

Somehow, I do not think that this is going to happen.

My thoughts are with those in Dimona and to our security forces who are (no doubt) working around the clock to try to keep us safe right now.


Baila said...


What you must think when something like this happens. I'm sorry that you actually know what the experience is like.

And let's hope that these continue to be few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a right winger, I'd like to say that your reaction "repeat after me, wrong, wrong, wrong" what makes me so frustrated with those with left-wing views.

Yes, I know you are being somewhat facetious here, but at the core is an element of truth: you believe that you can talk and reason with the terrorists like you can talk and reason with everyone else, and eventually, with some compromises, things will work out.

You cannot reason with people who believe that it is ok to strap on bomb belts filled with ball bearings coated in poison, so that not only will they kill as many people as possible when they blow themselves up but they will injure many more too.

Please note, that I am not making generalizations about ethnic groups - I do not claim that all Muslims/Arabs/Palestinians, etc. are like this and can't be reasoned with. I use the term terrorist deliberately. The problem we have in this country is that it is difficult to distinguish between who is a terrorist and who is not.

But this does not change the fact that talking won't help. And this is the fundamental difference between left and right in Israel.


Gila said...


First, I am going to reiterate my stance mentioned in the comments to another post. My own political positions are a private matter and I will ask everyone to respect that. I believe that it is important that readers can see me first and foremost as a person, as opposed to a "right-winger", "left-winger", etc. On some level, I believe as soon as one is classed as part of one side, members of the other side will find a way to, if not justify what happened, at least to show how it was somehow deserved or divine retribution of a sort. For example--"well, serves those left-wingers right--maybe now they will finally get it". Or "well, serves those right-wingers right--maybe now they will finally get it".

You know, the exact reaction I had when I heard about the Arab and Jewish far-left demonstrations 10 days ago at the Erez Checkpoint in protest of the closing of the checkpoint...and which were broken up when a Kassam fell nearby.

Second, everyone who wishes to discuss politics in the comments may--please just keep it clean, polite, respectful and no bashing of anyone.

Third, I was not being somewhat facetions. I was being very facetious. I have no illusions that terrorist organizations are unaware of who is getting hurt in these suicide bombing attacks. The opposite is true; we civilians are the intended targets.

Which is wrong wrong wrong.


eyesthefuture said...

I heard of your blog through a blogger called Shiny on the Mindsay network. Your writing in powerful and it is a story that must be heard. I look forward to reading more of you.

Thank you for the courage in writing this for everyone.

frumhouse said...

This latest bombing must cause terrible flashbacks for you. I wish there was a speakers bureau of recovering suicide bombing victims that would come speak out around the world about these atrocities and what it feels like to go through something like this. Put some real people and faces to the news headlines.

Jack said...

I can't speak for anyone else. I just find it disappointing to see our "partners" celebrate death and maiming.

Frum Jew in Recovery said...

Until Israel really hits their enemies back seriously hard, they will continue their suicide bombings.

The need is to obliterate not only the bombers house but the entire village or neighborhood or town from where he was born and living.

The reason this strategy will work is that the potential suicide bombers will not want to do this act in the future, if they see the serious consequences.

The problem we face is that the current leadership in Israel is unable to act as they must.

Anonymous said...

Gila - I did not know that politics was off limits on this blog. My apologies.