Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack of actual posts recently; I realize that not posting regularly is one of bloggings cardinal sins. I have been going through some "sturm und drang" here (various causes-none of them particularly earth-shattering or interesting) and have not been in a writing mode. Instead, I have been in an "eat lots of chocolate and pout in front of the TV" mode. But I promise to return shortly; please do not forget me.

On a more positive note, thanks to CK of Jewlicious who helped me to set up domain names and redirect them to here. Now, if you go to or, you will end up here.

Domain names! All mine! I feel so very hip and high-tech. If only I could figure out how to download a normal ring-tone to my cellphone. Or for that matter, how to use the damn thing. They upgraded our phones at work to the 3rd generation ones. I really am not making this up--it took me a HALF HOUR to figure out how to make a call from it.

Walla—CK, next time I am in Jerusalem, you can give me a cell-phone tutorial, yes?


Jack said...

Sturm and Drang- I always think that they sound like good names for the two old guys on The Muppet Show.

orieyenta said... lots of chocolate and pout in front of the TV" mode.

Wait - that's a "mode"? I thought that was a way of life :)

kleine Maus said...

You are the first person I know to have a pout as a pet, is it a Marbeled Eel Pout or an Atlantic one?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Congrats on your domain name -- use it in good health!

Maybe I should order ""

faith/emuna said...

does this mean we should not ask how your party went? maybe 'jameel' should offer to make you a make up waffle party (what IS the deal about the waffles?) on the hebrew day (believe its a few days b4 yom haatzmaut?) chocolate, pouting and tv can be great cheap therapy.

tnspr569 said...

I can help with the cell phone...

Gila said...

Today I actually combined the TV and pouting with baking--using up all of my flour. I made hallot (RivkA, they came out well) and muffins (Kayla-natch). Lots and lots of sampling, of course.

Am now on a complete sugar-high and am going to have to figure out how to get to sleep, as wired as I am.

Jack--what are their names?

Orie--normally I combine chocolate and my computer--with or without pouting.

Kleine Maus--it is a big fluffy one, just like the sheep.

Jameel--thank you! I actually had great fun today, typing in my domain name and watching it redirect to my blog. I think I did this, like, 10 times. Clearly, I need to get out more often. Or cut down on the TV/pouting/chocolate combo--my brain is rotting.

Faith--Party was fantastic! The pancakes were a bit ugly, but (by all accounts) tasty, and my quiches and muffins also came out well. Best of all--the group really clicked--everyone had a great time.

Tnspr--Actually went into Orange today and was throwing a mini-fit because I cannot find a stupid normal ringtone to download. I am pretty sure the guy thought I was senile. He kept on saying "oh, you can download this song or that song". And I kept telling him "No! I want a ringtone! You know, ringing! Like a phone!" I think my point clicked once I pointed at my hearing aid (in for once) and pointed out that ringing is the only ringtone I can consistently hear--music tends to blend too easily with background noise.

Very frustrating. At least I managed to download some Mozart so I am not being serenaded by "nishma mitzuyan, nishma orange" every time someone calls me.

Then I started going on about the stupid earphones, and how they will not stay in my ears.

I am feeling quite elderly today. Well, now I am feeling very hyper, thanks to the massive sugar dose. But apart from that, quite fuddy duddy.

Shira Salamone said...

LOL! I finally gave up trying to figure out how to look up my own cell phone number on my cell phone--at 59, I'm too old to have a memory that's fully-functional--and just added it to my Contacts list!

Ahuva said...

I avoid the earphones myself. They've been known to cause hearing loss if you don't keep the volume really low, so be careful with them.

Anonymous said...

I bet a big bowl of ice-cream would go really well with that pout.
Your blog is so fascinating that I think we will all stick around through any sins, cardinal, 7 deadly etc.


kleine Maus said...

Being unfamiliar with the technique for me the phone has only one meaning , call and being called.
All other features and sounds I ignore, I do have a simple Nokia, there is no other code on it so this has to do.
There are about thirty ringtones on this thing, the one even more irritating than the other ( have to find another tone but to look up and change is irritating too), on every phone, yours too are tones who are combined with the phone vibrating.
Must have been done for people with worse hearing, you could ask someone who loves mobile phones to make you even more happy.