Friday, April 4, 2008

Shout out to Professor Bernstein

It is high-time for another random non-sequitor as a break from the heavy stuff. This time--a shout out to one of the professors at the University of Delaware (my alma mater).

If anyone knows Dr. Bernstein of the UD history department, please tell him that:

1) Ten years after writing my last paper for him, I still do not use contractions in my writing (he forbade it).

2) I still remember some of his quips.

3) The A- I got from him on my term paper is one of the proudest accomplishments of my college career. (Trust me--you sweated blood for those grades.... It was like trying to get an A on one of Dr. Peretta's accounting exams. Did that too, of course. :p)

4) I am aware that he would greatly disapprove of his name appearing in the same article as the expression "shout-out".


I was thinking about him just now. I was writing, and ruthlessly breaking out all contractions and he just sprang into my mind.

Oh-he probably will not remember me, but just in case, back then I went by my English name, Jennifer.

Okay--off to cook some pancakes and muffins! Tonight is bombing anniversary paaaahty time!

(Dr. Bernstein would no doubt disapprove of the term "paaaahty" as well. Trust me Dr. Bernstein, the pancakes and muffins will make it worth the bad English).


kleine Maus said...

Being unfamiliar with North American cuisine, I have taken a closer look at this muffin thinglet.
It is impossible for me, to imagine a thing with the looks of dog poop in a paper cup, to have a decent taste.

Gila said...

You would be surprised what we Americans can do with dog poop and paper cups.

RivkA with a capital A said...

OK, that is totally gross!! (the comments, not the article)

Hope you had a great party!!

kleine Maus said...

So the chocolate you serve not necessarily has to be "the real thing".

the dame said...

//bombing anniversary paaaahty time!//

That. That right there. THAT is why I find you so awesome. I'm just going to sit here and be all wow for a moment.

And Muffins are brilliant. It never occurred to me that, naturally, from the perspective of another culture they might look unpleasant. It's moist, sweet bread in an individual serving that can be carried easily in the paper cup to prevent dirtying one's hands. How could that be a bad thing?

kleine Maus said...

Brilliant?, it looks more like it fell off a train a week ago.