Monday, September 15, 2008

Sort of a Guest Blogger

I went riding with Asher a week and a half ago. As you can see Asher has a blog, put as he says, he prefers to work from the basement of other blogs. Anyway, I meant to write about our excursion, but I have been working approximately 5 million hours a week, so that was not happening. So he did!

When you are done with that, Haveil Havelim is up with more reading material.


mother in israel said...

So, how many burnt-out buildings did you see in PT (judging by where you were, I guess you saw a few)?

Risa said...

I was beginning to wonder what you're up to. Glad to hear it was so nice.
Take care,

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Asher... hmm... I have a mixed experience with people called Asher.

Watch out ;-)

Batya said...

Glad you're back. I kept checking to find something for HH.

Thanks for the link.

asher said...

mother_in_Israel - what's the bit about burnt-out buildings?

snoopythegoon, so do I

mother in israel said...


Okay, Gila never said burnt-out, and I admit there are slummy parts but they are getting cleaned up. The new sections are in very high demand among young couples. What did you see?

Asher said...

further adventures of the dynamic duo (the gruesome twosome) at

rebecca said...

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Hillary said...

Sweetie, friends with benefits gets old. REALLY old. (5)

Good for you! Getting in shape is a great idea for anyone. Health should be your #1 priority. (4)

I forgot what #3 was.

Good luck on book writing. I've been penning for a while and I'm not close to being done. (2)

Move to Ra'anana. It's similar to Jerusalem except we have a decent secular community; it's close to Tel Aviv; and the community here cares about each other.

Shana tova!! I miss you!