Friday, October 10, 2008

Dancing at the Dancing Camel

About a month ago, as I was comparing my fundraising numbers with the amount I had to raise, and panicking, I had a brainstorm. Do a party at a bar! People seem to love bars. Fantastic! Everyone will come! Oh. But wait. How do I (read "Alyn") make money out of this?

Which is where brainstorm number two comes in: the Dancing Camel, Israel's one and only microbrewery and source of fine kosher beers.

The Dancing Camel is owned by David Cohen. David Cohen is a good friend of one of my friends. Is that really a strong enough connection for me to ask him to basically let me take over his brewery for the night and throw a fundraising party for Alyn?

Are you joking? This is Israel! Of course it is! Honestly, if the man had been the third cousin, three times removed, of my cleaner's ex-husband's ex-mistress, THAT would have been a close enough connection. (Just to drive home exactly how tenuous such a connection would be, I should point out here that my cleaner is a man). As such, with perfect confidence, I left a message on David's cell phone. How would you like some free publicity? All you have to do is: open your brewery on a night you are not normally open, bring in a full complement of employees to run the place, let my friend Kayla take over your CD player, rearrange everything so that we can dance and (last but not least) hope and pray that I can rustle up enough thirsty dancers who will buy enough beer to actually pay for the electricity, the waitresses, the guy at the door, the cleaner the next morning etc. Oh, and one more have to let me charge
a 10 NIS cover charge at the door for Alyn. Really! It is a win-win situation!

He went for it. No, I cannot believe it either. To make sure that this does not bankrupt him I offered to help waitress. (Because I might want to do another party next year, and honestly, I do not know that many people that own bars. Gotta keep him lively). He was grateful for my offer, though he did say something about my being required to wear a french maid costume and dance on the bar as part of my terms of employment. He was, of course, joking. I hope. Of course he was joking! He is religious! The brewery and the beer are kosher! Haha! What a comical guy!

(Batya--this would NOT be the time for you to chime in with any comments about the vast number of children in the average religious family and where they come from.)

Without further ado, I invite you all to please join me in sending the holidays out on their merry way with style with danceable music, fun people and some great beer.

Where: Dancing Camel Brewery, HaTaasia 12 (right on the corner of HaTa'asia and Rehov HaMasger), Tel Aviv
When: Saturday October 18, 2008 9PM to whenever David kicks us out.
Cover charge: NIS 10 (for Alyn)

Come with cash (no credit cards accepted) and ready to have a good time.

Hope to see you there!

For more info on the Dancing Camel, check here and here.


Baila said...

Dang! Dang! Dang! We have a family thingie that night. Dang!!

I know David Cohen--he used to live in Modi'in. He's a great guy. His daughters and mine are really good friends...

Hmmm....if I could bring the kids, we could come later. What a great chol hamoed trip for them! They'd probably love beer at midnight.

[Relax, everyone. I'm kidding.]

Joshua B. Toas said...

You, in a french maid outfit dancing on a bar . . . I'll travel the 40 billion miles to see that. Plus I love beer.

TalTalK said...

Not everyone loves bars, but some of us love you more than we hate bars, so we'll come. :-)

Anonymous said...

You indicate the beers are kosher. Who provides the supervision?

Gila said...

The beer is kosher (the brewery has teuda). I will find out who issues.

Anonymous said...

Gila-I've been known to dance on bars and other furniture and I'm happy to do so as your proxy if that will help. However, not in a maid costume.--Kayla

sparrow said...

I've heard about this amazing guy, who is a friend of that other amazing blogger Mr DB. If I weren't on the other end of the planet, I'd be right there - forget I hate bars and can't dance!
Mr Dancing Camel, may the froth on your beer always be deep, may the blessings on your family always be running over, and may the money in Alyn's coffers be all the heavier. Well done Gila - an inspired idea.

Gila said...

David sent me a copy of the teudah. Kasher l'mahedrin as per (signed by anyway) Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech.

Nobody said...

We are going to get some pictures from "The Party Of The Century"?