Saturday, November 8, 2008

Howdy! And see y'all in a week!

Over Sukkot, my friend Talia gave me a crash course on country music. This was while we were heading up to the Kineret to look for 1) genuine cowboys and 2) crash-able mangalim or 3) a combination of one and two. In the end, we found massages instead.

Of course, as much as I would love to post about that little adventure, unfortunately I have no time to do so right now, seeing how I am supposed to be on my way to Jerusalem to meet up with some friends and get my spirits up pre-ride. The problem is that not only did I promise Talia I would blog it, I actually brought along a tape recorder with me that day and spent the entire, several hour trip pestering Talia to come up with witty comments that would work in the blog. Whenever she did, I would shriek "Oh, that is DEFINITELY going on the blog", which would then be followed up by a spell of mad cackling.

(Really, I am surprised she did not drown me in the Kinneret when she had the chance.)

Anyway, since I really do have to shower and go, in lieu of an entire post, here is a genuine country singer, Tim McGraw, singing a genuine country song, "Live as Though You Were Dying". Talia, here's lookin' at you kid. Thank you for not drowning me in the Kinneret or dumping me out of the car at the turnoff to Jenin and telling me to hitch a ride home.

(And a hat tip to Leah for the song).

I considered putting up another one of his songs "Don't Take the Girl". The problem is that the song is so wretched, dreary and moaning that the entire time I listened to it, all I wanted to do was pat Tim on the head and say "There, there Tim, don't fret. We will just shoot you now and put you out of your misery".


Anonymous said...

Given your views on the Kinneret and the tragically low levels, its a good thing she didnt drown you and waste all that water....

TalTalK said...

While I DID contemplate drowning you in the Kinneret, there were several problems:

1) We never actually reached the Kinneret
2) You had the map
3) I can't read and drive
4) Traffic around Afula was a biyatch and I would've dropped mySELF off at Jenin
5) I thought it was Um el Fahm?

BTW, the song is called "Live Like You were Dying" and the other song I told you about earlier today is Kenny Chesney's Don't Blink. You should listen to it - you actually did in my car, but you probably forgot.

Ahhh, all those memories, recorded, but only on tape. :-) :-) :-)

I'm pretty sure I'm still scratching the mosquito bites from linner (lunch+dinner).

Have a great ride this week!!!!!!!!

Mia said...

Having also grown-up in Texas (the other lone star state) I really miss country music too.
Especially since Padora won't let you listen outside the US anymore and most real county disks to make it to Haifa.
(As far as rural Jews go I think my family goes the farthest, I have an uncle who has a dude ranch in Arizona.)

You can find (Israeli) cowboys in the Golan, which is a little bit past the the Kinneret, and you can get sone pretty good steaks there to.

Next time you go that way, stop by and say hello. I am about half an hour from the Kinneret.

TalTalK said...

Mia - I'm from Houston, and I listen to my radio station from Houston all day at work: I'm sure there are TONS of other stations that stream, just that one makes me feel closer to home since I get traffic reports and local news too. :-) (YUP, 610 still under construction!)

Mia* said...

My work dosen't allow radio streaming anymore. so it's just the few CD's in the car now. Country is the best driving music.

asher said...

dear anonymous
Drrowning Gila would actually have raised the level by about on-thousandth of a millimetre, so says Archimedes. Not really worth it.

Joanne said...

My first stop cool that you are getting your first taste of country music. As an American, you either LOVE it or hate it, usually no in between.

I LOVE it....going to see Alan Jackson and Trace Adkins this Saturday in concert.

I can't wait!

RivkA with a capital A said...

Before I came on Aliyah, I taped HOURS of country western from our local Phoenix radio station....

TalTalK said...

I listen to - my local station from Houston - almost all day long at work. LOL.

Joanne - hope you enjoyed. I LOVE Alan Jackson! Did Trace Adkins sing "This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing" and "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk?" You know his second wife shot him in the heart and lungs? For real, not part of a song. LOL.