Monday, April 6, 2009

And I Should Care About This...Why, Exactly?

Hey there!

This is how Dana, the (apparently) extremely perky PR rep opened up her email to me. You know, as if we knew each other. I have no doubt that she sent a similar email with a similar opening to every other Jewish blogger on the planet. As if she knew them.

So, why was Dana the Perky PR'ist writing me an email? Because some big Hollywood players, for reasons known only to themselves, have taken it upon themselves to determine who are the biggest rabbinical players and the most vibrant Jewish communities in the US. * And I am supposed to be so excited about this that I will want to gush on about it in my blog.

Apparently, it escaped her notice that I am 1) Israeli 2) have been for some years now 3) have yet to write anything about the Jewish community in the US (because I do not live there and have only the vaguest of ideas of what is going on there) and 4) spend most of my time writing about bombings, life in Israel, Roxie the Diet , my Shabbat and other adventures and whatever other nonsense suits me. What can I say--blogging is how I relax. Cheaper than an alchohol addiction and less likely to result in body odor.

Moral: PR reps...please, do your homework.

Update: I cannot believe I did not think to add a link to this post, which is the ultimate in cautionary tales and should be required reading for any PR/advertising type who is thinking of using blogs as an advertising medium. (To clarify--I do not agree with a large chunk of Mo-ha-med's views, but I do love his blog. The man can write. And he thinks.)

*Knee-jerk reaction to this: Movie moguls crowning the rabbis and communities? In all seriousness, apart from the fact that they have money and success and we Jews tend to respect people with money and success...what is it about making movies that that makes them qualified to determine who is influential and which communities are vibrant? Is this the same type of logic that says that, because I went through a bombing, I should be listened to when pontificating on the security situation? I am talking out my ass, just like pretty much everyone else. Really, the only difference is that my ass is a bit more scarred.


muse said...

This "Hey There" Dana should lose her job.

Jack said...

I got the email too and I even blogged about it, but I blog about it every year.

I know a bunch of the rabbis on there and have tweaked a few noses about it.

It is kind of a silly list, but it gets attention.

e.e. said...

*Raises an un-alcoholic glass to your scarred ass*
Have a great Pesach!