Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mish Weiss

BUMPED...because you really should visit Mish's blog. And leave comments. But no nasty comments, please.

I do not know if I have mentioned this, but I LOATHE the chagim. Knowing myself as I do, and in particular knowing how much I do love to bitch, I have no doubt that I have brought it up at some point or another. But I am too lazy to look for the links. And besides, I do not have time--I have to clean my house for f**king Pesach. Which starts tomorrow.

I have despised the chagim for some years now. Thanks to my years of experience, I have the whole hating-thing down to a science. First, starting the month before the festive day, I go into moderate moodiness and/or depression mode. Over the course of the month, this slowly but surely escalates to "halfway-to-suicidal". I maintain the halfway-to-suicidal level of depression for the duration of the holiday season, punctuated here and there with random teariness and automatic jealousy of everyone I know who is in a relationship. Starting a few years ago, I added "skipping festive meals and services" to my despising-the-chagim routine. To spice things up a bit. And because I hate them too. As does Roxie, my diet.

Yes indeedy, a true beacon of light am I....

Right--so Pesach, as I mentioned above, starts tomorrow. I spent the day today being moody, short-tempered and feeling sorry for myself because pretty much everyone I work with is either married or in a relationship, and here I am alone and old enough and passed over enough that I no longer even bother to think "B'ezrat Hashem, next year, I will have a seder in my house with my husband". Because, how many times can you wish that, and then find yourself in the exact same position the following year, without feeling like a complete freier (sucker)?

Right, so I went through the day like this and then I thought to myself, "Gila, why are you sitting around feeling sorry for yourself? Nu, why not call up your friends, and let them help you feel sorry for yourself?" Is that not what friends are for? So I called one and it turns out that said friend was having the type of crisis that makes one say "Damn! Thank G-d I am single!" Which is a lovely sentiment, but--and you must agree with me-- clearly of no use whatsoever if one is looking to wallow in self-pity. Then I called CK, from Jewlicious. Who proceeds to tell me about another blogger, Mish Weiss. She was orphaned at age 12, has very little in the way of family, and now, at age 28, is battling leukemia. And therefore, from his point of view, I have no right to feel sorry for myself, because my situation is so much better. At this point I proceeded to chew him a new asshole because I hate when people go down that path. (My friends do that at times with me--"oh, I cannot complain because you have had it tougher than me". And that helps you how, exactly? ) curiousity was piqued. I swear to G-d, when CK described this to me, I thought it had to be a hoax. An orphan? A teenage mother who gave up her child for adoption? Stricken with particularly virulent leukemia? And all this to one person? Sounded like a soap opera.

As soon as I got home, I looked up her blog. Not a fake.

I do not get the impression that Mish is a big fan of sympathy, but prayers do appear to be appreciated. Please do send some up. From what I read on the blog, Mish needs a miracle to pull through this. But sometimes miracles do come. Ask for one.


Anonymous said...

Mish and I have been following each other on Twitter for a while - she's not a fake at ALL.

And I know how you feel - when my mother was dying, whenever someone would start saying something negative, they'd suddenly say "Oh, what am I telling you this for, my problems are nothing compared to yours," which drove me INSANE.

I'm pretty sure I did the same thing to you, but I know I've apologized.

Love you lots, and you can call me ANYTIME,

Windrider said...

I've been writing back and forth with Mishy for a year now. And every day I am awed and humbled by the strength she has. She is hands down on of the most incredible people I have ever been lucky enough to know, and as tough as tiger.

When I came to your blog from hers I thought, "this sounds like Mish is writing this." You two could be related!

I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for your post, as I'm sure it means the world to Mish.


Gila said...

As for my post, in a case like this 1) you want more than anything to be able to help and 2) rustling up the prayers is about the only constructive thing there is to do. (Hal'vai that there was something else that I could do as well).

Well, we do have the same last name--maybe we are related. :) If so, I see I am in good company.

muse said...

Everyone has their demons...

I hope you beat the hell out of the chametz!

Tzipporah said...

Oy, this is what happens when I'm offline cleaning and cooking for days on end. So:

Happy bombing anniversary! I'm glad you're not dead!!

You poor thing! It's awful that you have no husband to boss around, to make HIM do all the chag cleaning, etc.! Didn't Hashem promise us each a man-servant to rub our feet and cook for us and change the cat-litter and so on? I'm pretty sure it's there in the Tanakh somewhere. I keep telling Bad Cohen so, but he pretends he can't hear me and keeps reading the newspaper.

Anyhoo, tell Roxie I'm eating a piece of chocolate toffee matzah in her honor.