Thursday, September 3, 2009

At Stitch n' Bitch last night Safranit was discussing a project she had worked on. She received a skein of this fancy, organic, 100% wool yarn that is not sold in Israel. She made a sock, but only had enough yarn for ONE sock. And not even a particularly large sock. Unlike Christianity, which conveniently works the one sock motif into Christmas, we Jews do not have any occassions for which a single sock is called for. So, like, what was she to do?

Member A--Pull it out and make a headband.

Member B--No, you cannot use that yarn for a headband. It is too scratchy. It has plant stuff in it.

????? Plant life? In wool? Must be my hearing--that cannot be right. I must inquire. I turn to my neighbor, Erica.

Me--What was that about the wool?

Erica--It is organic, 100% wool. So sometimes it has little sticks in it. From when the sheep get branches and such caught in their wool.

Me--Is this like kosher chickens in the States where they leave a shitload of feathers on the birds as proof that the bird is kosher? Just here, they are leaving plant material? This is no yuppie, gentrified, processed wool! No! That is for sissies! This is REAL, honest, organic wool! With genuine sticks in it!


So, if you would like to be one with the sheep, there is a wool out there for you.


........................................... said...

You could use the sock to store your cash savings.

Lauren said...

Hi Gila,

I found your blog by wandering around the blogosphere...can you send me the Stitch'n'Bitch gorup info? Leave a comment on my blog (should link to it here, but in case it doesn't-- ) Thanks!