Tuesday, September 22, 2009

שנה טובה! Happy New Year!

Every fall, millions of Israelis stop what they are doing (aka "working") and spend several weeks watching and sending Shana Tova (Happy New Year) greetings to one another. This can sometimes be frustrating for those in the outside world. So as to encourage understanding, I thought I would post a small selection of my favorites.

First--a video that my co-worker has aptly described as "the best Shana Tova EVER".

Second--pleasantly demented. Do make sure to watch the credits.

Finally, an oldie but goodie.

If you are b'hul (outside of Israel) and trying to conduct business with people b'aretz (in Israel)...this is what we are doing instead of 1) responding to your emails 2) responding to your phone calls 3) taking care of your account 4) anything else vaguely business related. I am sure that you will have no choice but to agree that the above videos are a hell of a lot more interesting than whatever you had in mind.

And for those of you b'aretz, happy to have helped you blow another 15 minutes or so.


Kayla said...

Gila, Pashut Gadol!! Thanks for posting!

Tzipporah said...

Holy crap the first one is funny! :)