Sunday, February 3, 2008

Interesting link

For those of you who are interested in a more visual definition of shrapnel....

I (thank G-d) do not have watches, nails, screws or anything like that in my body. I do, however, have random chunks of metal or whatever in my chest and my jaw. This had led to many a comical reaction on the part of X-ray technicians and dentists. There I am, post-X-Ray, waiting for the results and generally minding my own business. All of a sudden, the dentist or technician will pop his head out of the lab with a startled look on his face.

"Emmmmm...hayit bi-pigua?" (Were you in a bombing?)

"Cain" (Yes)

Really should warn them in advance, shouldn't I.....

Bad, BAD Gila!

Oh, and in “My Moment of Fame, Part III”, the damage to the nerves in my jaw was once used as an exhibit for a presentation in the US. Woohoo! My own little contribution to the war on terror.

Hat tip to Jack for the link.


Anonymous said...

OMG, you totally crack me up! I love the way that you inject your sense of humor into such an otherwise frightening subject. It's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great song!

Unknown said...

When they ask you if you were in a pigua, you should say Mah Pitom! That would totally freak them out. Now, that would be "Bad Gila".

Anonymous said...

Your sardonicism is fantastic.

Keep writing. We need you.

Gila said...

Kayla--now that is a good idea. But, im cvar az cvar--I should have some real fun!

More "Bad Gila" suggestions (not for children-on the off chance there are kids reading this):

"What? I have what in my body? You are sh*tting me! Wow--I knew something was going on when I drank too much and had blacked out, but, you know, I thought it was just sex with random strangers. But random pieces of metal? Well I'll be..."

"Oh no. Those are listening devices implanted by the beings that came from outer space and who kidnapped me and used me for their scientific experiments.

I know they look awful, but trust me, the anal probe was much, much worse".

RivkA with a capital A said...

Hi Gila,

I discovered your blog via the Muqata, and have read all your posts.

You are awesome!

Your honest, open and humorous approach is informative and entertaining.

Your blog puts a very real "face" on what it's like to be a victim of terror....and part of the Katamon single scene. A rather unique combination.

Hizki V'Imtzi,

Gila said...


To be honest, the Katamon singles scene is far more traumatic. :)