Saturday, February 2, 2008

An unrelated, non-depressing post

Since the last post and the next several posts are forecasted to be stormy and sad, with occasional drops into melodrama (will try to avoid it though), I thought a fun post was in order.

One of the things that convinced me to move to Israel is the music (am being 100% serious here). There is a story behind this, which can be saved for another time.

In any event, the video linked to below is a new-ish song which I love and which makes me go gooey inside and is the type of song I would love to have dedicated to me someday and is the type of song that, in a perfect world, a guy would be listening to and thinking of me. (sniff)

מה שהלב בחר What the heart chose
Kobi Afflalo

Women--you probably know exactly what I mean.
Men--you probably do not. Do not worry about it. Do not even try. Just enjoy the song.

Would love to actually embed the song, but that is, alas, above and beyond my limited technological skills. (As is, at times, operating a remote control).


Katrinayellow said...

I think in blogger you just take the embed code, not the link code (the code the video has on the right of it, or at the end of the video). youtube gives you either the url or the embed - you want to copy the embed code.

just plonk that straight into a blogger page - it should work - I think!

not sure why I am enabling you cause gosh that was one soppy song :)

Gila said...

I know. It is soppy and gooey and all that...and I sooo love it.

Look--at least my melodramatic tendencies are coming out here and not in my actual posts. Can you imagine? My entire blog would read like a dull Victorian novel! This way, we have the random interludes of dull Victorian novel-dom. :)

Thanks for the enablement! Will try it later.


Miriam Goldstein said...

It's not soppy if you don't speak Hebrew! (Why, oh why in 10 years of Hebrew school do they only teach reading, but not understanding?)

Katrinayellow said...

look I don't really have a leg to stand on given that I will occasionally listen to ... shhh... don't tell anyone... celine dion while I'm working. its just dreadful!

Gila said...

Celine Dion? Oh my....

Miriam--I would try to translate it, but a friend of mine was (ahem) recently less than complimentary about my translating skills. I think his exact comment was something along the lines of "don't quit your day job".

So I will see if he will translate it.