Saturday, March 8, 2008

Haveil Havalim #157

The "Live From the Fleshpots of Tel Aviv" Edition

As an introductory note, in addition to depending on the carnival submissions, I put a fair amount of time into research (aka reading blogs) and all of the posts listed are posts I really enjoyed. In certain cases, people sent me one post, and I took another one from their blog instead. This was generally because 1) I liked it better or 2) because I already had five other posts on the same subject submitted (and generally in about the same vein). In addition, when presenting issues, I tried to bring in posts representing different viewpoints—that also required a bit of searching/selecting alternate posts to ones submitted. Finally, a large percentage of the posts were from bloggers who did not submit any posts to the carnival. As such (and because I really have to get off the computer already), if you know the posters and you think it possible that they don't know about the link, please let them know I listed them as I really mean it as a compliment.

And now LIVE from Tel Aviv, it is Haveil Havelim!

At Life Must Go on in Gaza and Sderot, two friends from opposite sides of the border describe the hellish situation and propose a solution. You can get a blow-by-blow picture of 36 hours in Sderot here.

TherapyDoc discusses the PTSD. Even the UN is hearing about what is going on (unfortunately, "Israel" is not exactly on their radar).

And if all this were not enough, Jameel reports that now rockets are falling on Ashdod. (more about that here). On the bright side, that means that I can start taking the train to do my shopping in battered areas (Ashdod has a train station) instead of shlepping all the way to Sderot. (Why be uncomfortable going off to get bombed when I can do so comfortably, on the train?) And, then we have the view from a Tel Aviv Rooftop.

Even if you cannot make it there yourself, you can still click to care.

From Sderot, it is but a very short ride (especially with a speed demon driving) to our next fave-buzz word: Proportionality!

Liza gives us a good overview. We can find an interesting, not to mention more positive, spin on proportionality at Zionation.

Several bloggers decided to take a more academic approach and do some research on the application of proportional response applied by other countries: look here and here . This Ongoing War asks a Question for Humanitarians. Yid With Lid asks why the press applies a double standard. Israellycool introduces us to green helmet guy's cousin—the creepy-ass black hat guy while Judeopundit focuses on Al Jazeera's approach.

Yael reports on the rather surprising result of a couple years of actually trying to achieve proportional response: good leftists gone right, or sort of. More from lefties Alison Sommer Kaplan and Stefanella here and here. NewZionist discusses Fifth Columns, as a potential, if highly unlikely, path to peace.

And if you are tired of reading about proportionality or lack of same, Rivka proposes a unique solution to all of the world's security issues. Oh-another cool idea, courtesy of A Fish.

Another pigua this week, in Jerusalem. Read more: here, here, here and here . We should all be focusing our thoughts and prayers on those who are struggling to come to terms and heal from injuries and horrific losses. Tzipiyah is planning to do something in the memories of those who died. Many bloggers reacted to the Palestinian celebrations but Daled Amos considers it traditional. On the other hand—one contributor to Middle East Youth posted a flat out condemnation of the attack. (The writer is Iranian; the last I heard they don't exactly have the same level of rights to free speech that we do, so for her to publicly come out with this is worthy of note).

Here again, the press was not at it's best. (Or perhaps it was—all depends one's expectations).

Other items of note…. Treppenwitz discusses Rabin's halo. Simply Jews discusses the serious case of Holocaust Envy Syndrome which seems to have broken out next door; Satiricohen touches upon this as well. OneJerusalem describes how the IDF is rebuilding.

There are, of course, non-security issues as well: women's day, environmental awareness and draft-dodging (of both religious and non-religious),

And there is good stuff here in Israel, and lots of it. a Soldier's Mother, Springtime and snow in weird places. We have a kickin' technology sector (Jeff Pulver (isn't he of Janglo fame?) is, apparently, a good guy to know if you are an Israeli start-up) and our hi-tech market is one of the darlings of the VC industry. We have hummos those of you b'hul can only dream about.

Oh, and some surprising statistics.

Ahhh….but man does not live by politics, bombs, hi-tech or even hummus alone. At least, Jews don't. Many bloggers decided to break up the serious talk with a bit of culture. Y-Love speaks in its defense. We have a bit of 60's music . Seraphic Secret gives us a biography of Theda Barr. For those who wish to create culture: you can be a wifeswapper. Jewlicious Festival 4.0 had some serious culture going on.

In Israel, we have reality shows and some award-winning movies. Oh, and a hilarious Blue & White Grindhouse flic (whatever that is—but it sure is funny, albeit rather obscene).

Hot topic number one this week is who is doing what, how they are doing it, and why. Wow, sounds a little kinky, no? Actually—it is not, it is hashkafa. (Unless you find that kinky…I mean, who am I to criticize?)

Bad for Shidduchim provides a general overview.

Shira from On the Fringe discusses Hashkafa's move to the right. Emes Ve-Emunah is also concerned by this trend. ProfK talks about Orthodox Judaism's love/hate relationship with computers.

Hot topic number two is "who is a Jew"—here are some varying treatments: a convert, a conservative rabbi, an orthodox journalist, an Orthodox (I think) mythical hero, and a Reform Jew.

Other cool reads: Burka Babes, noteworthy brachot, Yaakov Avinu, Moshe , well-known and little known religious observances, important archeological finds and (you will not believe this) REALLY good kosher cheese.

Oh, and for those of you looking for a mitzvah, you can help a rabbi come up with a Purim Costume.

And for more in the spirit of Purim: wine , wine and more wine .

Nu, I am single—did you expect me to neglect this angle?

First, something to give us courage. Next, an overview of shidduchim. We have shidduch resumes and shidduch shabbos. Little Frumhouse on the Prairie asks what we can learn from secular matchmakers.

Finally, Jack (thanks much for your help in putting this together!) provides those of us out in the dating pool with some words of caution.

Some random fun stuff
First, Leora (who hails from my Bubby's hometown) takes on pantyhose.

Dreams of Who had a celebrity encounter.

Jameel (who now officially owes me waffles) shared a story about the toll-free baby.

And for all of us who could use a chortle, Treppenwitz reminds us that laughter is the best medicine and SuperRaizy gives us something to laugh about.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Haveil Havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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Gila said...

Ymedad--good point. Duly noted for the next time I host.

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