Wednesday, July 16, 2008

איזה סוג ניצחון?

What sort of victory is this?

Israel gets corpses and an gives terrorists an open invitiation to kidnap Israelis.

Lebanon gets a murderer and gives Hezbollah an open invitation to take over the government.
We both got a destructive war.

We both may get additional destructive wars in the future.

Right now, I am trying to convince myself that, in Lebanon, there are people who are disgusted at the concept of celebrating the return of Kuntar and who are horrified that a war was fought to bring him home.

I do not care what Hezbollah says, what Olmert says, what Miki Goldwasser says or what anyone says. Forget about politics and power struggles and whether or not this hurts or helps Kadima or Hezbollah. When push comes to shove, what matters are the ordinary people of Lebanon and Israel. And when you look at the matter in that light, I really do not see any winners here. We have all lost this game.

I realize that the decision as to whether or not to conduct a prisoner exchange is not a simple one. And I realize that there are valid arguments on both sides. And that giving up on the soldiers would also entail losing. That is precisely is the problem. In a situation like this, again, there is no winning hand.

Do me a favor. Forget about politics for a minute. Forget about the usual pat responses: "Olmert just wants to stay in power" or "Hezbollah does not care if people die". We have all heard that before. Think about people. Think about yourself. How is any of this mess doing you any good? How will it make your life better?

This is just sad. I am so sad today....

(Forgetting about the usual pat responses includes NOT posting them in the comment section to this post. Thanks).


Anonymous said...

A sad day indeed, and I couldn't agree with you more. My eyes perpetually feel as though they are about to tear up, and concentrating on work is next to impossible. At least the uncertainty is behind us now, and the families can embark on the painful next step of mourning, instead of being stuck in the nightmarish stage of not knowing.

Rony and Talia said...

I'm so incredibly sad about this too. I feel the same way. I don't have any comforting words for you, sorry.

Jerusalem Artichoke said...

I couldn't believe how sad I felt, even though this is what we've expected all along.

If we'd known right away that they were dead, would there even have been a war?

If the world at large hadn't seen Udi Goldwasser's wedding pictures, would Karnit have felt any better any sooner?

orieyenta said...

I'm so angry and so sad about this whole things but frightened more than anything about exactly what you wrote..."Israel gets corpses and an gives terrorists an open invitiation to kidnap Israelis."

Jack Steiner said...

Sad and angry. That is all I have got.

Anonymous said...



Ahuva said...

*hugs* Do we know if they were alive when the war started or if they were killed immediately?