Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Heartening Stuff

It would appear that there are Lebanese who are not planning on joining the parties celebrating Samir Kuntar's homecoming. Do not get me wrong--they have a very different take on the situation than we do. Some of them probably hate Israel and Israelis. Nonetheless, they find the concept of giving a hero's welcome to a man who murdered a child in cold blood as bizarre.

I find that comforting. It makes me feel better to know that there are sane people on both sides. That way I can tell myself that calm is theoretically possible. (Subdued, non-violent loathing...that is all I ask. Is that really so much?)

Yes, I have been drinking the Kool-Aid. No, I have no intention of sharing. Anyway--for your perusal....

Ms Levantine

Beirut Spring

Lebanese Political Journal

Lebanon Foreign Policy Blog

Fuck Lebanon (funny post, in a totally obnoxious way)

Blacksmiths of Lebanon

The Ouwet Front


Tantalus said...

This isn't against giving a hero's welcome to a man who murdered a child in cold blood. I hate Lebanon. That's all.

And by the way, children are murdered in cold blood on a daily basis; many children have died in this way on your side of the border, and by Israeli missiles.

Anyone who murders a child is a terrorist. Anyone.

Gila said...

I added a link to your post because it made me laugh--and I figured I cannot possibly be the only one here who could benefit from some excellent black humor.

Of course, I hope you are not offended.

As or the death of children on both sides...the fact that there are people who are not actively celebrating on the Lebanese side gives me hope that,someday, we will find a way out of this mess.

Of course, many of my friends consider me to be a starry-eyed idealist and dreamer. But whatever--the pipe dreams are cheaper than cocaine and less likely to get me fired or arrested.

Tantalus said...


Baila said...

I could live with, "subdued, non-violent loathing".

Anonymous said...

Gila there still is hope for you, Tantalus's site is even more boring than your's.