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Haveil Havalim #180: The Alyn Edition

Hello and welcome to the "Please Support me in the Alyn Ride " Edition of the Carnival! Want to support me? Instructions are at the very end, after all the cool links. (Jack & Muqata—hope you don't mind, but I have $1500 to go here…)


Tried to avoid it but in the end, I couldn't….

Muqata provides us with the best moment from the NBN conference. Over in South Jerusalem Haim Watzman considered blogging ethics. For those who felt that Bibi took up valuable time which could have spent learning about blogging, End of the World makes up for the loss with a post on blog building and Jacob da Jew provides a rundown of some basic blogging tools. On a (G-d knows much needed) lighter note, Rahel honored NBN and the conference with a story of her aliyah, Mrs. S celebrated ten years in Israel, Savta Dotty celebrated twenty years (sorry I missed your party—I thought you were still out of the country AND I was disconnected from the net all day until about 8PM) and Jewlicious celebrated a new arrival.

Kinda unrelated…but a big congrats to the Original Haveil Havelim Grand Poobah, Soccer Dad on being invited to participate in a pretty damn prestigious panel. Go you!


Aaaaahhhh the last week in August…the week that everyone goes on vacation because the only alternative is spending a week with the kids in the house—and ultimately someone getting strangled. Treppenwitz enjoyed camping on the Kineret (see some photos aids from an unrelated post courtesy of Leora). Cosmic X also visited the Galilee, but the X family opted for a zimmer. RivkA decided that a better solution was a romantic tryst with her husband (and to just leave the kids in the house to kill each other). :)

But Israeli families aren't the only ones having fun—a fair amount is being had by non-Israelis and Israeli non-families. Child Ish Behavior went for a ride in the greener bits of New York City and I went to a Bikers' Playground. MoChassid (also an Alyn biker!) ditched the bike and went to Adventureland with the Toddler and the grandkids. Me-Ander also had some grandkid face-time at Camp Savta. Soccer Dad opted for the park. (Cannot help you with the whole fishing bicycle mystery). Benji caught the tail end of the Olympics. And Seraphic Secret got to combine two great loves: Shabbat, Israel and lots of guns. (Just for you—a bonus round, courtesy of Double Tapper).


BadforShidduchim said Farewell to Black. Safranit creates her own fashion (and a group to create it in). Child Ish Behavior presents the latest in stylish home and car protection .

Deep Thoughts

Quietus Leo enjoyed a philosophical discussion while NY's Funniest Rabbi pondered the nature of conversation. Baka Diary considered gratitude. Hadassah wrote a love poem. The Rebbetzin's Husband writes about what to do when we just don't know the answer. Yael has one of those situations right now...though she calls it a mid-life crisis. (Trained with Bela and Marta Karolyi? Really?)


Lion of Zion takes on Jews in Beverly Hills 90210. Locally, Muqata (as channeled by Lurker), discusses Srugim. Lady Light provides some light apocalyptic literature. Jewish Blogmeister reviews the Jewish wedding music scene. Green Prophet brings us Sulha. Oh…and to make everything that much more pleasant, the Big Felafel brings us beer.

Home and Family

Lion of Zion has a son who acts like little boys do (if it is not moving, pee on it). Hadassah has a son as well, though at 12 he has apparently passed that adventure-peeing-as-a-hobby stage. Jack has a daughter ('nuff said) and an interest in sex and marriage (so long as said daughter does not consider it for herself for…say…20 years or so). What to Expect is still pregnant. Baila is NOT pregnant.

ProfK gives us a (very well-stated) lessons on the respectful way to treat household help. Ben-Yehuda fishes for Shabbat invites by intimating that he will be able to provide a unique spicy pepper-garlic salad. (You know, BY, it is a clever strategy, but it will not go so far among the Polani'im. If I were you, I would post another recipe. Like for coleslaw….. )


Dov "he wants you to buy his book" Bear ponders brachot while Yonah Treppenwitz learns how to use them for fun and profit. Shira Salamone gives us a change of pace: modesty for men (yes, please please make them give up the short shorts and Speedos—they just do not fly after all that kugel) and tefilin for women.

Summer is (thank G-d) almost over and we know what that means—fall and the חגים are just around the corner. Frumhouse and A Simple Jew are already thinking about Rosh Hashana and tshuvah. Now is the time for us reinvent ourselves and try to see if we are creating our own spiritual and physical roadblocks. It is hard work, but Ilana Davita provides inspiration …as well as some honeycake for energy. The Rebbetzin's Husband is also quite aware of the season—apparently ימים נוראים takes on a whole new meaning for those in the Rabbinate. (Rabbi, if I may offer a suggestion—on number five, instead of wine, consider using something stronger, like vodka. Just add some red food coloring and no one will ever be the wiser).


Emes v'Emunah praises a voice of sanity. A Mother In Israel wonders why about the cold behavior of a fellow shul-goer (my two cents…she sounds like a snot). Ellison has had better luck—his minyan cronies are both friendlier and possessed of bloggable life stories. ProfK calls for safer Shabbat urns (two articles—read them both). Shira Salamone mourns the state of her synagogue.


Well, we Israelis weren't the only ones looking for adventure. A bunch of adventurers decided that Disneyland was not going to cut it ths year…only Gaza would do. (More on that here). One of them decided that...gosh...maybe he would visit Israel as well? He was arrested. I have to admit--I was surprised--I expected zillions of posts on this escapade.... But then, perhaps ignoring them is the best revenge.

In other news, Shiloh Musings reports on Israel's loss of one mensch and one teacher (we really cannot afford to lose either). BakaDiary reports on thugs in tzitzit. Leah in Chicago gives us an overview of our guys (and girls) in uniform. Tzipiyah discovers what goes on after hours at the Arnona office. (Hmmm….I suspect you would have been significantly less forgiving if the two had been discussing relationship issues or current events). Risa shares her Jerusalem connection. MyRightWord has a great idea for Jerusalem.

On a more relaxing note, the Israel Situation provides a Guide to Israeli Cities. What War Zone explores Israeli lunching habits. Treppenwitz rounds it out with a review of a great place to eat lunch in the Israeli city of Beit Shean.

Finally, the Elder packages some old news in a new video.

The World

Simply Jews reports on the war on Jews in England, and those who are fighting back. Daled Amos reports on Obama's ties to terror. Judeopundit shares some news reports from Iran: reports of poisoned food.

And to wrap it all up….only in Israel.

Do you have an extra 20 NIS or $5? Have I (or MoChassid or Mandy or another one of the zillion hardy Alyn Bikers ) not managed to squeeze it out of you already? Well then, Plllllllleeeeeesssseeee sponsor me! It is fun and better yet, it is easy.

It is possible to donate money in several different ways:

1) The easiest way is to donate online in NIS or US or Canadian dollars. Go to the WOL 2008 Participants page. In the "WOL" dialogue box, select "WOL 2008". In the "search by" dialogue box, select "first name begins with". In the next filed, type "Gila". Hit enter. You will get a list of one name: mine. (As of now, I am the only Gila). Underneath my profile, you will see options to donate in various currencies and for various types of receipts. Click your favorite!

2) By telephone at the ‘Wheels of Love’ office in Jerusalem, at 02-6494235.

3) Dump it in the Tip Jar on the side of my blog and then email me at so I can go to Paypal and send the $ to Alyn. (Not the way to go if you need a receipt for tax purposes or if you are concerned I will abscond with it).

4) If you are of the “check’s in the mail” persuasion, checks made out to Alyn Hospital can be sent to: Alyn Hospital (figures, doesn’t it?) Public Relations Dept., PO Box 9117, Jerusalem 91090. Of course, please specify that you are sponsoring me! A receipt for the donation will be delivered to you in the mail.

It is also possible to donate through one of the chapters of the Friends of Alyn Hospital around the world. Further details are available on the ‘Wheels of Love’ website Thanks!


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2) If I felt that another post on a submitting blog was really unique and/or well-written or tied in particularly well with a theme going on in the carnival, I made a swap.

3) That explains why most of the submissions on NBN were passed over. :) There is not too much that has been said that was not already said many many times in the posts put up last week!

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Kol hakavod for that alone!

Besides that, great post! Now I just have to spend the next week clicking on all the links!


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