Sunday, August 31, 2008

Help Asaf

I don't want to scare you guys, but Yom Kippur, the day G-d is going to decide whether or not to smite your sorry ass, is just around the corner. Have you racked up enough divine brownie points? No? Better get moving! Not sure what to do? SuperRaizy (via Baila) has a suggestion: find Asaf a kidney:

Elliot Jaffe, who writes the blog Weekend Hospitality, has a son who has been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. Elliot writes "Simply put, both his kidneys are damaged and scarred from some infection or defect that happened years ago. They will likely cease to function sometime within the next six months... the best solution for Asaf is a kidney transplant... Live organ donors are considered the best option for kidney transplants. The percentage of successful transplants is higher from a live donor and the transplanted kidney has a longer chance of surviving in the recipient's body. Please contact us if you know of anyone who might be willing to donate one of their kidneys to Asaf. The process takes about six months and requires numerous meetings with doctors, social workers, psychologists and committees to make sure that the decision is freely made and will not jeopardize the donor or the recipient. The recovery time for the donor after the transplant can be as fast at 3-4 days."

You can read Elliot's entire post here . The Jaffes, who live in Israel, have also posted a letter about their search here on the Jerusalem Post website. Elliot says that Asaf will probably need a kidney transplant within the next 12 months. All of his close relatives have been eliminated as potential donors. To donate, you must be in perfect health and have blood type B or O. The Jaffes can be reached at their blog or at

Please help publicize Asaf's case by linking to Elliot's post or letter.

For those of you who are not that concerned with collecting divine brownie points, but do enjoy being snarky and contrary, please allow me to point out that this is an EXCELLENT opportunity for us to wield the power of the non-existent Jewish blogosphere community* .

Asaf, may Hashem grant you a refuah shleimah. For the record--I only have 1.5 kidneys (had kidney disease as a child) so I am not a good candidate. And I had thyroid cancer. I am not allowed to give blood; I am pretty sure an organ is out of the question. But hey, my blog is your blog.

*Yes yes Rabbi S, I know, the community is imaginary, just like Mr. Snuffleupagus.


SuperRaizy said...

Thanks for linking, Gila. I feel better now knowing that God is not going to "smite my sorry ass".

Gila said...

Yeah well, we aim to serve. :)

Rony and Talia said...

Tweeting your blog post, in case you get weird traffic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gila

I keep my organ donor card in front of my ID card (and my DNR card in front of my drivers license) that way if needed, no-one can ignore it.
Blood donations are a sad story, problem, being rare group but from the UK. Once I was the darling of Magen David Adom (especially way back when they used to keep blood in mobile ICUs) and I even got asked to come to the hospital especially to (help) with open-heart surgery. I almost managed 40 donations by age 40 and was on-track to beat my target of 50 by 50 when they stopped taking from me because in 1981 I may have kissed a cow in Britain. That got me exceedingly pissed. BTW, giving blood may in fact have saved my life once, but that is another tale.

You can guess that all this pre-amble leads somewhere.

As for giving a kidney I have to admit that here I fall short of the required level of altruism. Simply put, what would happen if in another few years my remaining one were to decide to pack in? Who would I turn to? My sister? I know what her kidneys have been through (what has been through her kidneys.) My darling little son (when he would be old enough)? I would not do that to him, force him by blackmail of the emotional kind to give up on part of himself as a result of me doing something altruistic, and he would pay the price for the rest of his allotted span.
If anyone reading this is liable to be put-off the idea because of me, that obviously was NOT my intent. If someone can, that person is made out of special material, and there aint many of them about, s/he is a better wo/man than me, Gungha Din.

BTW if anyone wonders, for those to whom it matters, the organ donor scheme here is halachically supervised, but if you have enough intelligence to come here, you probably knew that anyhow. Treppenwitz also wrote about that, good for him.

Baila said...

The truth us most of us are either not altruistic enough to donate a kidney, or have some kind of health history that prevents us from doing so. But there are people out there who are willing and able. The more this is publicized the better Asaf's chances are.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh my..I can not even imagine. I don't believe in God but I will pray to the universe that a kidney will be found. My brother in the US is a kidney specialist and so I can only imagine the angst of this people.

Rebecca said...

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Anonymous said...