Monday, December 22, 2008

Proof that Ehud Barak has not been reading my blog

Announced on the news while in my way to work:

In response to the rain of rockets on Sderot and the Western Negev: "Hamas will be surprised by the force of our response".

Let us review this again, shall we? If you tell us in advance, it is not a surprise. Really, it is not so complicated.

Though, in all fairness, it is true that everyone, Israeli and Hamas-i alike, will be completely surprised if the government actually does something to stop the rockets. As in, apart from talking about it and expressing sympathy and/or solidarity.


Anonymous said...

You could more often dig yourself into a sorbet.

Asher said...

can we then infer that Barak was the rider referred to in day three?
Not a blogger, a leader?

Gila said...

Anonymous said...

Gila, maybe Barak read your blog after all: How Israel led Hamas into false sense of security

Anonymous said...

mr.Barack, unlike some bloggers, knows where to invest to his precious time and hereby to compose this overture.