Friday, January 23, 2009

Israel likes to believe that its Defense Force is the world's most "moral" army, and it insisted throughout the recent Gaza war that great care was always taken to avoid inflicting civilian casualties. It may surprise and rile many Israelis, then, that their government is trying to protect its citizens from war crimes charges that could be filed in foreign courts over the conduct of hostilities in Gaza.

I take it that no Israelis were interviewed in the making of this article.

Riled, perhaps. Surprised, no. Old news around here. Hmmmm…I realize that the statute of limitations has probably passed, but I wonder if I could sue someone for war crimes for what happened to me? Not in the US—I was asked to participate in a trial and refused.* In the Hague. International court.

Actually…given that Hamas claims that it comprises the legitimate government of Gaza and given that Israel is no longer occupying Gaza, perhaps a resident of Sderot or Ashdod or Ashkelon or Beersheva should file a suit against Hamas for war crimes. You want recognition as a government? B'vakasha. Have it.

But with rights come responsibilities. And with responsibilities come international sanctions if you do not live up to them.

*Various reasons—one of which being that I had the distinct impression that the lawyers involved were 1) idiots and 2) looking for $$$.


Tzipporah said...

Yeah, not to mention being sued by their own citizens for violating international rules of war and thus placing THEM at risk.

Anonymous said...

This could easily slide into politics, so no comments on that. I do find it ridiculous that someone could write such a big piece on Israel, with such a minimal understanding of Israel.

It would be surprising if "war crimes charges" were NOT being threatened.

Anonymous said...


this is a: politics-free, anti-semitism-free, anti-Israel-free, racist-free blog.
Please comment accordingly.

Profanity, on the other hand, is perfectly okay.

Seriously, the moment one introduces politics into the discussion, then half the population automatically has a reason to think that "well, serves her right".

Cooperation is appreciated.

The above is Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Gila on the one hand thinks politics can be avoided but on the other hand most of her posts have been political.

Typical liberalism. They make rules that they expect others to live by but they seem to feel free to violate with impunity.

Gila said...

Tzip-I cannot see their own citizens suing--wouldn't that be a death sentence?

LB/Maus--this is one of those places where it is hard to draw the line between "politics" and "current events". From my point of view, this is more current events--the appointment of someone to head up defense against expected suits and various info blackouts designed to protect individual soldiers against lawsuits has been high up in the headlines. At the same time, it does ring a rather personal note...considering that I was victim to one of these war crimes!

Anon--first--if you so sure of your opinions and your beliefs, why comment annonymously? Shall I assume that this is a typical conservative tactic--to hold extreme views but then to not have have the balls to own them publically? Coward! Whatever my views are, at least I am not trying to hide. In the future, if you wish to comment on my blog, I ask that you be a man about it. Either SIGN IN and comment (do not just put a fake name) or I will delete your comment. Your style is pretty obvious; it should be easy to spot your stuff.

Other commenters who do not sign in (Maus, etc)...this does not apply to you. Just the trolls.

As for the "typical liberal tactic"---hello...this is MY BLOG. I can make whatever rules I want. As it is, when I write something obviously political, I do not bitch and moan when I get political comments in return.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be a troll.

Anonymous said...

I read online somewhere this morning (pre-coffee, so I can't supply a source) that Hamas wants to file charges against Israel in The Hague for all the damage we did in Gaza. How ironic, no?