Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Blogging the Inauguration and Financial Reporting

I had thought about going to a party to watch the inauguration with my fellow Americans. But between the fact that 1) I have to finish monthly reporting and 2) I looked at the guest list and realized that, I have neither the time nor the desire to spend that much quality time with my fellow Americans, the party is a no-go. Nonetheless, I cannot miss this particular inauguration. I have found a happy medium: working at home while getting the inauguration live-stream via CNN.

18:22 The former presidents are now being announced. I do love how they are all smiley and lovey dovey with each other outside. When CNN showed them moving into position to be announced, none of them were smiling and certainly not at each other.

18:23 Well, Jimmy Carter was smiling. But then, he is an idiot.

18:24 Obama's kids are being led in by a woman in what has got to be the worst outfit ever. They look so happy and innocent. Remember this moment. We can all think back on it wistfully when they hit 18 and get outed doing some underage drinking.

18:26 Everyone is going wild for those kids. Can you say "future years of intensive therapy"?

18:29 Wow, that is a lot of people. I know this is terrible, but I am half expecting for some nutcase to try to blow it up. In terms of targets, this beats ANY crowded J'lem bus or coffee-house hands down.

18:35 They just announced George Bush. My, but that is some weak applause--in particular from 2 million people. Of course, I expected to hear boos.

CNN keeps cutting out. Probably a tad overloaded.

18:39 Joe Biden--Go BLUE HENS!

In the interests of full disclosure (am way into that, since I am (supposed to be) in full accounting mode) I do not know that he went to University of Delaware. I could check, but I am supposed to be working so I should not be screwing around on Wickipedia. But he is from Delaware, and that counts.

Supposed to be working=not supposed to be blogging.

18:44 For a minute there, I thought that they were playing the Star Wars theme. Glad to know that this is not the case. That would not be presidential.

Now that is noise. Banshee central...all right next to the CNN cameras.

Wouldn't it be cool if someone were to throw underwear up onto the podium or something?

18:46 "Peaceful transition of power". Does this include or exclude mudslinging elections?

18:48 Okay--preacher slipped the Shema into the invocation. I do hope he realizes that that prayer has nothing to do with Jesus.

18:52 Does anyone else think that the way the preacher said the names of Barak's daughters sound like something out of bad movie? Or a porn film? Or what was that action hero from the 70's --Shaft!

SSSSasha. MmmmmalIa.

I hope Michelle Obama whops him upside the head.

From a friend: "What is up with all the Jesus stuff in the prayer? "

Jesus taught you how to pray? Lovely motek. We Jews taught Jesus.

Again--that Hear O'Israel stuff? Jewish prayer. Predates Jesus by several centuries. Sheesh!

18:55 Anyway, Aretha is God. Anyone can see that.

(Friend disagrees. Thinks George Michael is God).

19:00 Welcome President Obama.

19:02 ooooohhhhhh pretty music

19:07 Wireless fell...and then came back. Got back into CNN right at the start of the speech. Let's hope it does not crash again.

19:09 Crashing economy, war, pestilence, ignorance....yes...I would say that these are indicators of crisis.

19:10 Damn, but this man can speak.

19:12 I seriously have chills.

19:13 Aaaaaccckkkkk!!!! No! Where did you go Obama? Come back! Come back! Not sure if it is stupid CNN or stupid computer.

19:16 Ahhhh....ideals. Not so useful in my neighborhood. alas.

19:17 Power alone cannot protect us, but US would not be nearly as influential if it had no power. Nor would it be as large; a good chunk of it was taken in wars.

19:19 Me: Man can speak.... Friend: ...in full sentences. Me: How on earth did he get elected?

19:20 People in Muslim nations will judge based on what has built, and not based on what is destroyed? Right, because that has been so accurate to this point.

19:23 Yay! Responsibility! I am sending Obama a big old sloppy kiss.

"A man whose father some 60 years ago might not have been served in a local restaurant stands before you today to take a most sacred oath".


19:30 Now the poem. The poet's recitation is choppy--sort of a monotone. I presume this is intentional. I cannot decide if I like it or not.

19:37 Now that was a benediction. Amen!

19:44 Back to work.


Anonymous said...

"preacher slipped the Shema into the invocation. I do hope he realizes that that prayer has nothing to do with Jesus."

I was thinking something along the same lines...

Anonymous said...

Your friend is right, he is Gayd.


Anonymous said...

You are not a "fellow American."

Which I have no problem with as long as you are clear. I can understand and even respect your decision to leave and become an Israeli.

But don't play this game that so many people try to do and be one thing one it suits you and the other when that suits you.

You either are an American or you are an Israeli. From my understanding you are an Israeli. You might have been an American once, but you aren't anymore.

It is really important to know who you are. It is being deceptive when you either don't know or try to play both sides.

Rony and Talia said...

To Anonymous: I couldn't disagree more. Leaving one country for another - whatever the reason is - does not take away your personality. I was raised in Texas. I will always be Texan. Even here in Israel, where I don't even have an accent, people constantly tell me how American I am, and more specifically how Texan I am. Because being from the US isn't just being there, it's what shaped you. I love Israel and I wouldn't leave it for the world - but I am immensely proud to be an American, especially yesterday.

Just because you are a Mac person using a PC doesn't mean you are no longer a Mac person.

Just because you were a doctor and then became lawyer doesn't mean you are no longer a doctor.

Just because you went to Yale and then went to Harvard doesn't mean you're no longer a Yale alumni.

Just because you were born in one place and live another doesn't mean you have forsaken your identity.

Tzipporah said...

Tee-hee! Yes, we're all so proud that our new boyfriend got elected.

(A friend and I were lamenting that we couldn't all marry Obama because, well, that would be illegal. We agreed that he CAN be our boyfriend.) ;)

Oh, and, anonymous, go suck eggs. Gila has already hashed through that issue when she talked about voting. Go look in the archives.

Anonymous said...

TaltalK I am politely respecting her freedom of choice but now the decision has been made.

She is no longer an American.

She is an Israeli.

I respect that because she has made that clear and up to now haven't tried to play both sides.

If she starts now then I will make the same criticism I make of all hyphenated Americans. Though this time it's hyphenation in reverse.

America isn't her country. Not anymore. She doesn't have to suffer what we have to suffer.

Yeah, and we in America don't have to suffer what Israel has to suffer to, I realize that. That is why I am not one who will tell you who to vote for. It's your choice.

As for being proud to be an American. I have never been so ashamed. I used to think that Nazi Germany could never happen in America. Now I have been proven wrong.

Whoever you choose, just one piece of advice, don't treat him as a God, please.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, it doesn't matter what your opinions are regarding emigration, split loyalties, or expatriots - you have a right to those in any case. What does count practically is simply this: whatever policies other countries may have, neither Israel nor the United States limit citizenship.
Therefore, Gila and other American-born Israelis legally bear dual citizenship - American and Israeli.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "dual citizenship". Not in one's heart that is. One citizenship in ones heart is always predominate and the other citizenship is abused on the behalf of the citizenship the person really feels the loyalty towards.

Gila's an Israeli. That's great for her. So be Israeli. Don't go around calling oneself an America. Don't go around lying about one's identity and loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, anonymous.
Oh wait, you already did that.