Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Elections

Yesterday, at the gas station:

I filled up my car and went inside to get a cup of coffee. The employees were chatting in Arabic. As she prepared my coffee, the woman behind the counter turned her head and said something to me over her shoulder.

"What? I did not hear you".

"Bibi, Livne, Barak…who are you voting for", she repeated.

Fuck fuck fuck. Must not say Bibi. Not someone right wing. Hell, right now, Barak and Livni are out too. Not to an Arab. Not right after a war. I quickly search my brain….got it.

"I am not sure…. I was thinking of the Green-Meimad party. I like them; they have good ideas." (They also happen to be more on the left, and are strong on the Arab civil rights. And I am not lying. They do have good ideas. They just also qualify as a boutique party—and I am tired of throwing away my vote).

The woman comes over with my coffee.

"Who are you voting for?" I fully expect her to respond "Hadash" or another Arab party. Or perhaps Meretz.


"Livni?" (LIVNI???? She is voting Livni? The same woman the human rights groups are trying to get arrested on her next trip abroad?). "Oh…why Livni?"

"She is a woman. We women have to support each other. You want change, put a woman in charge".

I nodded, paid for my coffee and headed out to my car.

I was still shocked, and more than a little ashamed. To think…I was so busy seeing her as an Arab that I forgot to see her as a person.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That insight was stunning! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

BTW - HaTnuah Ha Yeruka - Meimad in yesterday's polls is very close to the threshold and rising fast.

Vote with the heart!

Professor Alon Tal

Daniel said...

Your story - from what I gather from your blog - is truly amazing. Y'shar Koach.

I'd be happy to provide any more information about Green-Meimad if you'd like. We'd certainly be proud to have your support/endorsement.

If you decide to go with green-meimad, let me know and I'll link to your blog from ours.

Daniel Orenstein

Anonymous said...


Gila said...

Professor Tal! I heard you speak at Ketura about a million years ago. I was a student at the OSP program at BGU and we visited Ketura for a week.

I am still doing my election calculations ...but either way, kol hakavod and bhatzlecha.

Anonymous said...

Great, great post.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Gila, you are as we say here up north, slick as an eel in a bucket of snot!
Compared to mrs. Clinton you are....

Anonymous said...

I don't typically comment on other country's elections but to vote for candidate just because she is a woman is wrong.

Of course this is coming from a country where we just elected a totally unqualified person who perhaps isn't even a citizen of the country just because his skin color is darker than most of the country's.

Anonymous said...

"I was so busy seeing her as an Arab that I forgot to see her as a person. "

What you should have said is that you were so busy seeing her as an Arab that you forgot to see her as a dumb broad.