Friday, January 9, 2009

Were they trying to be funny?

From Haaretz

In a possible sign Hamas was unwilling to compromise yet, a senior Hamas official in Syria, Mohammed Nazzal, told Syrian TV on Thursday that the group would never surrender and vowed to fight house to house against Israeli troops in Gaza.

Indeed. A stated intent to fight to the bloody end of themselves and the residents of said houses can be taken as a sign that, perhaps, Hamas is not quite ready to leave this party.

Yes, I do realize that Hamas is broadcasting a wide variety of messages, and that some of them are pure bombast and as such, the bloodthirsty rhetoric may or may not indicate a rejection of compromise. And so on and so forth. Whatever. I still giggled when I read that line.


Anonymous said...

Actually they do want to leave your mutual party.

Philip I said...

Palestinians should convert to Judaism