Monday, February 23, 2009

Am I missing something here?

Just received this from Saw You At Sinai:

This Purim, send your Basherte a beautiful Purim basket from Choose from an assorted array of elegant Purim baskets at affordable prices. Picture the joy when he or she receives this basket from You can also take this opportunity to show your appreciation to your matchmaker (shadchan). These Purim baskets will surely make them keep you in their minds. Shipping to USA, Canada and Israel.

Ummm...forgive me for pointing out the blindingly obvious, but if I had a Bascherte to send shit too, I would not be on the Saw You at Sinai mailing list.

And as for trying to cozy up to the shadchan...let me see if I have this straight. My personality, my brains, my neshama, my appearance etc....none of that is enough to make me noteworthy. But a Purim THAT is enough to lurch me into the stratosphere of Eligible Bachelorettes?



KittySigurdardottir. said...

My sentiment exatly and curtesing like they do in the Orient and how I was taught growing up in Scandinavia helps add a little touch to my charm,as does my extra thich accent if they even miss that,then ce'est la vie and che sara sara.

Here is a little tip for bachelorrettes such as ourselves: Bare Minimum Mineral make-up. It brings glow to your skin and makes you look fresh and fantastic.Make sure that he sees you blushing too,squeese your cheeks to boost it after applying a touch of blush on them from the get go.And last but not the least always leave them guessing.

KittySigurdardottir. said...

I meant to say thich,if you have a little accent thicken it a bit.And when you courtesy,there is no need to bellyache about it,one does not have to bow all the way to the ground as for royalty,mostly I use it in my worship.I love to courtesy to GOD and I don't mind bending far down for HIM,one tiny bit.You see,I love GOD with all my heart.

Sarah Likes Green said...

i agree with you.

but i guess if you address it (forgive me for this first thought i had) like kids address letters to santa and just write "my bashert" and send it off into the ether and hope that it gets there that'll help the search :P

in the scheme of things though, might be more useful to give tzedaka on purim to funds for hachnasat kallah (or any other but in the merit of that one etc).

Anonymous said...

wonderful post. thank you for calling it like it is. and it is funny, but sad too. i see it so often in many tzedakah venues (buy 'x' for poor pathetic soldiers, ethiopians, left-handed dwarfs with blue eyes and arthritis, etc.....).

one must be very careful about tzedakah and 'segula' related scams....i have seen way too many where your money just isn't going to what you think it is...

anyway, be happy, it's adar.

arnie draiman

Anonymous said...

Gila-I'm not even getting those emails. Was I booted off the SYAS list? Maybe that's a good thing?-Kayla