Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At what point did "you've lost weight" cease to be an observation made based on empirical data (namely, person has lost weight and is thinner) and start to be a standard greeting? Every time I see some of my friends, they greet me with a pleasantly surpised "you've lost weight!" If this were actually the case, by this point I would be hospitalized for aneorexia. Instead, I have gained about a million kilos.

Confusing, indeed.


Anonymous said...

It's the clothes. Some type of optical illusion. Or it's the attitude. Either way, enjoy the complements!Kayla

Sarah said...

I agree with you. Especially since I have gained 5 kilo in the last 6 months (hmm...corresponds with the latest bf period...maybe the dump of that 70 kilo of stubborn boy will help me dump the 5 plus oh, I would be happy with a mere 20 bonus! :)) It is very bizarre. Do we ascribe it to muscle gain and thus pat ourselves on the back or are our girlfriends just sweet liars?