Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Minor Rant

To other bloggers out there.... Have you also been plagued with emails from:

1) Publishers and others who expect that, because you write a blog and are Jewish, you will naturally want to advertise their new offerings? Which are probably crap--religious publications being what they are.
2) Think-tank members who seem to believe that issuing you an invite to a conference will naturally result in your wanting to be added to their mailing list so that you can receive long discourses on their political views? (Start a blog. If I am interested, I will read it. )
3) Organizations and government bodies who assume that, because you write a blog and are Israeli, you will, as a matter of course, serve as willing hacks for said organizations and government bodies. (For more on that, see here).

Okay. I am done venting. For now.


Rafi G. said...

yes, yes, and yes.

My biggest gripe is #1. They can pay me to advertise.

Jack Steiner said...

Yes on all accounts and I am not Israeli.

Anonymous said...

#3 bothers me the most. Like Israeli PR has done so great right so far - even if that were the point of blogging (usually not) - why would I want a failing influence?

Baila said...

I'm noticing more lately. Someone must have put a list of us out somewhere.

That's why G-d created a DELETE button.

Gila said...

Ahhhh...G-d's wisdom is, indeed, bottomless. :)

I am pretty sure if you run one of those Torah code checks, you will find "delete" in there.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Well...should I feel left out? No, no one has contacted wait - don't contact me...I just get contacted by "Muslim Brother" in Malaysia and Faisal in Indonesia...but they are amusing, if nothing else...and no, I didn't tell Faisal where my son's unit was stationed, what my son does in the army, his cell phone number and I don't remember what other amazing questions he asked. I think I'd take a Jewish publicist over Faisal any day...or maybe not :-)

Anonymous said...

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Esser Agaroth said...


Yes, only a few times. You're way more famous than I am, so you undoubtedly get a lot more. ;-}

I still remember the gist of you comments about being a "hack" or whatever euphemism the FM rep. was using at the time.

I'm glad you made those comments, and I am glad I didn't go.

Tzipporah said...

ooh, now you're getting weird X-tian trolls... :D

Batya said...

1 and 3 yes, but I guess they're waiting for me too lose more weight
for 2.