Friday, April 24, 2009

And to add to the collection....

My sister gave me an REI gift certificate over 1 1/2 years ago. I kept on meaning to use it. Every time Kayla went to the States, she would remind me to that I have this gift certificate, and why don't I use it already, and have the stuff sent to her parents so she could bring it back?Every single time, I never quite got around to it. Once, I got so far as to look at the REI website at Kayla's house, on Kayla's computer with Kayla there to give me her parents' address. So close...and yet so far.

Today--miracle of miracles--I actually 1) went on line 2) picked stuff out 3) put it in my shopping cart and (this is the critical step I normally manage to miss) 4) ordered it. Bezrat Hashem, when Kayla comes home, she will bring me my REI goodies.

Lest you write this off as a minor acheivement, I should point out that it took me a full 90 minutes to pick out what I wanted. This has less to do with the abundance of choices on the REI site (though there is an abundance) and more to do with the fact that I really do not need anything. In the end, I bought a huge hydration pack and a purple balance ball. (The color is does not add any features but seeing how I love purple, I thought I would tell you about it). Anyway, the hydration pack is for the hikes I never go on and the balance ball is for the fitness program that I never quite get around to starting. I think you will agree with me that these are a fine addition to my theoretical running program and my ornamental work-out clothes collection.

On a related note, can I tell you that Kayla (aka-"disgustingly organized and together friend") is much better at watching Roxie the Diet than I am? She is even having me bring a Roxie-friendly dessert to Shabbat lunch. For my part, I have been neglecting Roxie to an outrageous extent and Roxie has informed me that she would like to go live with Kayla, because Kayla is nicer than I am. Sadly, I had to break it to Roxie that disgustingly organized and together friends do not need diets, because they stay in shape. As you might imagine, Roxie is simply devastated.


Anonymous said...

Re: The balance ball: Those are REALLY comfortable to sit on instead of regular chairs when you're on your comp. I've had coworkers who used them. So you see? It won't go to waste, and you can offer it to me instead of a chair next time I come over. :-)

You're welcome.

Katrinayellow said...

oh well done - are we starting TT sessions at your house 3 times a week? I am in! shall we buy the book together? let me know - my ass needs some kicking into shape.

are you ready for our run next week?