Saturday, May 2, 2009

Haveil Havelim #215--the One Topic Edition

First, it’s May!

Happy Birthday Israel!

Before we can celebrate, we must remember. Lion of Zion discovered memorials to Frum Fighters in the Haganah. Several bloggers quantified the cost of our independence. How to be Israeli describes the feeling of Yom Hazikaron—kashe. Israelity remembers those he knows who have paid the price of our independence. Beneath the Wings shared the fears—and the lessons—inspired by Yom Hazikaron. The Velveteen Rabbi remembers from afar, and wonders if this season will ever be free of fresh reasons to mourn.

Yom Haatzmaut provides time for reflection. Jewish Israel entreats us to stand together. For Zion’s Sake remembers the 2000 years of waiting and the last 61 years of our wait being fulfilled. Lion of Zion discusses the value saying Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut, as opposed to ongoing, more substantial measures of appreciation for State of Israel. (The say or not say the Hallel debate is also here). Torat Yisrael provides us with an analysis as to whether Jerusalem really is the capital of Israel (well-written, but even if it were not, worth reading even if only for seeing a right wing blog use Yossi Beilin’s Geneva Initiative as support for his argument). Benji and I’ll Call Baila shared 61 things and the 61st thing, respectively, they love about Israel.

Elms in the Yard photographed some of the festivities, as did Jacob Richman. I’ll Call Baila and her family shared photographs as well—they celebrated at the beach. Coffee and Chemo celebrated with her friends and family. MyPanim celebrated in Australia. Our Shiputzim celebrated at Latrun. Achas L’Maala celebrated in Kochav Hashachar. Dr Savta explains how to mangal and Esser Aguroth analyses said festivities from a (sorta) Halachic perspective. How to be Israeli enjoyed the festivities…but received an unpleasant reminder that Israel has far to go in the area of race relations.

I myself am thoroughly ‘mangaled’—two mangals in two days. My Yom Haatzmaut is to be considered a success.

In other news (yes, the world has continued to spin)—Religion and State in Israel gives us a summary of this week’s developments in the aliyah industry.

Finally, and always fun—a few only in Israel moments from Torat Yisrael, Snoopy the Goon , A Time of the Signs and a lovely birthday greeting from Cosmic X.

Jewish community

For everything there is a season…but what happens when the season ends? Shira Salamone and her community have had a rough winter, but the spring seems to be highlighting the losses, as opposed to providing relief or heralding new growth. To look at the problem from another angle, the Rebbetzin’s Husband asks why synagogues do not make enough of an effort to harvest the low hanging fruit in their communities. Could this provide some measure of relief to dwindling shul memberships? Letters of Thought visited a very different Jewish community—that in Uman. ProfK discusses the vast—and at times inexplicable—differences between the Holocaust generation and subsequent generations. And Shtetl Fabulous—looking at the Orthodox Jewish community—is inspired to ask “what happens to an off the derech-Mormon”?

In Washington, however, May has opened up with good news for the two Aipac employees charged with espionage.

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Funny—I looked and looked but could not find a clip of this song featuring nutcase dictators. Educational television FAIL!

In Iran, Ahmedinejad’s is still obsessed (as per Judeopundit). (We get a humorous take on Iran from The Israel Situation). Daled Amos brings us a review of PA violations of Oslo.

[A question—and this really is a question and not a snarky remark. Have we Israelis acted in accordance with Oslo? I ask because I would guess that the establishment of new settlements and expansion of existing settlements in the West Bank would have been banned by the Accords. If this is not a problem, and Israel is in compliance, the outrage makes sense. If not, and if the whole Oslo process is pretty much dead and buried, Jewish/Israeli condemnation of PA acts on the basis that “they are violating Oslo”, as opposed to on the basis that the actions are those of murderous, violent thugs, is not only hypocritical, but also wildly unproductive, insofar as the argument can be pretty well shot down in thirty seconds or less.]

Snoopy the Goon suggests a creative and peaceful means of bringing an end to all of the conflict.


Frum Satire suggests add-on features to make kosher phone cards and kosher cell phones even more kosher. (Hesh—you forgot to add an tase blast if you speak Lashon Hara.) Ashi and Rami give us a Parshah for Parenting and HomeShuling explains why she sends her children to Jewish Day School. Shorty’s Adventure and takes on the parsha—the prohibition on tattoos. Both the Velveteen Rabbi and Harry-er than them all are inspired by the parsha to discuss the issue of boundaries—the first directly and the latter indirectly. Torah Lab gives us guidelines on what to do and not to do during the Sefira. A Simple Jew gives us a lesson in Hassidus—overcoming Nitzachon. (I know you submitted another post—but this one was really special so I substituted it).

…And Just Plain Old Living

Cosmic X got to deal with a dead cat. Mish Weiss is preparing for battle. Benji discovers the pestilent side of Twitter and explores Israeli eyewear and Israelity encourages us to visit Tel Aviv Bauhauses. The Real Shaliach is doing something rather inexplicable with Winnie the Pooh. Beneath the Wings had an encounter with the flying beasties and Me-ander had an undesired visitor. The National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame inducted seven new members (from Sportsbiz). The Israel Chronicles shares a story that touches the heart. And as for me? Things are up and down....


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Haveil Havalim #215 Is Up!

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