Monday, May 4, 2009

So, Yes, I Ran a 5K

For those alert and/or bored readers who read the comments to my last post, and are at all put out that I did not mention the my under-40 minute time in the 5K, please know that I really and truly was going to tell you all about it. But I was going to do it stages, see? Suspense like. First, start with the down post and then WHAMMO! Hit you with the 5K. But now the cat is out of the bag and the element of surprise is lost. I swear, I love my friends to death, but I ask you—how would Hitchcock have managed with friends like mine? Imagine—there you would be, watching Psycho, and instead of having that buildup of suspense, around the time that Janet Leigh was approaching the creepy house, one of Hitchcock's friends would have popped up on the screen. "Hey Hey Hey FAT Albert! Dude! You are going to tell the viewers that she gets killed, right? In the shower?" And then the suspense would have been lost and the movie would have been an utter failure and Hitchcock's creative legacy would have been spoiled.


So yes, last Friday morning, my friend Sarah and I did our long-awaited 5K run. That we did it was was thanks to our friend, Kat. Perhaps you have a friend like this? The type that gets you to do stuff you normally would not do? My friend like that is Kat. Every so often, Kat sends me vaguely threatening messages:

"Hi! Check out the fat-burning fitness program on this website! You and I are starting it on Tuesday!"


"Dude! What goal are you picking for Kat's 10-day challenge?"

I would tell her no, but I do not dare. I am not quite sure what would happen if I were to do so, but I am sure I do not want to find out. I suspect that it might involve being left alone for extended periods with her infant son, while he is teething. If Kat is believed, this is a fate only slightly preferable to death. So, I just smile, and go along. Which is how I find myself doing things like running a 5K, agreeing to commit to a three-month fitness program and cutting back my internet time to 30 minutes a day for ten days.

Anyway, so I did the run, and I did not die and my time was 37:55—significantly better than my target time of an hour. I am also proud to note that I did not come in last. I managed, with great effort, to come in ahead of a few senior citizens (not all—just a few of the really pokey ones) and a guy who appeared to have cerebral palsy or some other disability and who was pretty much running with one functioning leg. The latter gave me some serious competition (I swear this is the truth). I was behind him the first half of the run, but I think he may have rested a bit at the water break, and that allowed me to pull ahead.

Sarah whipped my ass. This was not unexpected, seeing how she actually trained. Kat, however, did not come. She conveniently developed a seriously ill baby the night before the race and bagged on us.

My next 5K (because Kat has decided there WILL be another 5K) is in June. I will make sure to keep you all informed on the details of my exclusive training program, in which I plan to do lots of running, and instead end up goofing off at home. On the bright side, thanks to the 10-day challenge, instead of goofing off on the net, I am now goofing off by crocheting various unidentifiable items. Clearly, a more productive use of my time.


Tzipporah said...

Another productive use of time - kitchen-testing more of those great recipes that make Roxie throw up her hands in digust. Please?

I relaly liked the last one, about the soup. Or whatever it was.

yeah, so, I didn't cook it. But I REALLY liked reading about it. ;)

Viennetian said...

Wow - congrats on your run and good time! If by any chance your next run is during my stay in Israel I will be standing at some corner and cheer for you!!

e.e. said...

Go Gila!!
I'm a couch potato with no excuses at all.
Maybe I should get me some tough friends...

victory4angela said...

Congrats on your first run! 37 minutes is not a bad time at all (just a bit at a 12 minute pace). Not too shabby at all. Soon you'll be blowing by the old and young folks alike! Go, runner girl.

Unknown said...

I'm out of breath just thinking about it.

RivkA with a capital A said...

"my exclusive training program, in which I plan to do lots of running, and instead end up goofing off at home"LOL!! I see we have the same training program!!

So.... when are you coming to hang with us again???

RivkA with a capital A said...

ps. I am not officially caught up on your blog! (yay me!)

RivkA with a capital A said...

what a slip!

I meant to write "I am NOW officially caught up on your blog"


Shan said...

My Kat is Tami... because of her I got tattooed, pierced *AND* I ran a marathon (I left my love for running at the finish line... ugh!).

Congrats on finishing and for not finishing last. The last 5K I ran, I had my best time *EVER*... didn't mean that I didn't get passed by a girl who appeared to be eight.

And a woman pushing a double stroller filled with toddlers.

And a speed-walking 81-year old woman (how do we know her age? because her coach was shouting things like, "Oh yeah, she's 81! She's passing you! Oh yeah, she's tough!" *sigh*).

Still, I cut a few minutes off my time and got a some great finish-line photos. And the rest is just good to laugh about.


eve said...

Gila, I read your blog now and then but now I want to connect with you regarding Mish Weiss. I know you are following her blog. I just read Leah's note that Mish "is slipping away". I am devastated. It is so weird. I feel as if I have gotten to know Mish, Leah, Marc, Uri, Dad, Cary. But, I don't really know them and my friends think I am nuts getting emotionally involved with someone's life through their blog. Therefore, you are the only one I have to "talk with" about Mish. I am so sad - she has fought so hard to live! Thanks Gila for lending an ear. And you are pretty great also - you are probably thinking - and what about me - am I chopped liver?!

Gila said...

Eve--I know what you mean. I read the update this morning and all I could think was "oh no". And yes, it is odd that there is this little community of people who have never met, getting really involved in the life/struggle of someone else they have never met. And I do feel a bit ridiculous. And a bit like a fraud. I mean, who am I to get "involved" in this story? Almost is not my place? As if I were a groupie or interloper of a sort. I "came in" at the end, she does not know me, I have certainly not been one of the people who have been seeing her through this. To feel grief...I do not know--not that the grief is not real, but that I have no claim to it and that I am being some type of drama queen.

Nonetheless, it is what it is. I read her blog, comment on every post and am praying for a miracle as I hit refresh every half hour to see if there are any updates after that last, awful message.

So yeah, I get it.

Keep praying.

RivkA with a capital A said...

The internet is simply redefining "community."

You were part of the same community, even if you never met in the "real world."

Your caring and sense of loss is no less real.