Sunday, August 23, 2009

I know I have to write about the hike. And I am going to write about the hike. But right now, I am cleaning, see? My house is vile. Because I was not here this weekend, and did not clean it. And because I did not clean it last weekend either, even though I was here. Because I was busy varnishing my table. And because I loathe cleaning. As does, apparently, the Urge. But today, Shimon the Kablan came today to take out the radiators which eat up so much wall space and he and his crew of four saw my dirty, dirty house. How embarrassing! And Tuesday, they are coming back, to spackle and plaster the bits now radiator-free wall and paint over them. It must be clean! Because G-d forbid that Shimon and his crew, who I have never met and am not likely to meet again, think I am a poor housekeeper.

So I am cleaning. Mind you, I do not have time to clean everything. Because I keep on stopping to surf the net. Which eats up much time. So, I am cleaning the bits he and his crew are likely to see. The shower? Not so likely. The bathroom sink? Men never notice such things. That can stay all gross for another day or two. The floor, the kitchen counter and the coffee table, however, are just OUT there. So they have been cleaned.

Incidentally, these are also the bits of house that will require cleaning, after the work on my walls is done.

Sometimes, I am not so smart.


Tali said...

Oh, c'mon.
I want details!!! Stop cleaning!


.................................... said...

You clean your house because you are afraid of someone unknown's opinion?

Mia said...

I so get that! I can't stand having anyone in my house when it's not clean. When it's only me and the family it's ok.
I'm sure that my husband sometimes invites people over just to get me off my b--- when the house is really nasty. (He does clean with me but not as good as me. (Yes I know that's bad English))

Sarah said...

heh. you should send them to my house to see my mess and then they will be so blinded they will think your place is IMMACULATE!! ;)

In the meantime, I am with Tali, slacker girl!

aliyah06 said...

WAIT!! They're coming to spackle and paint and make a mess and you're cleaning BEFORE they come? No, no, no, no, no......dai, nu! Clean after they leave, and instead get busy writing about the hike--we're all waiting for the details!! I've been thinking positive thoughts for you all week!

Nicole said...

Maybe Shimon is just an excuse, and you're actually cleaning because you are planning on inviting over the cute guy you met on the hike?

Gila said...

Tonight I write--promise!

Last night was at a sheva brachot, so did not have time.

And no, no cute guy to invite. :(


e.e. said...

Without insulting anyone - it's common knowledge that in Israel, the only workers that clean up after themselves are the Russian immigrants.
All the others leave it to you.
I second the motion to clean AFTER they go.
And yeah, I'm also curious about the hike:)