Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hi! How are you?

Thanks to doing the crazy hours thing for over a year, complete with a ramp up into “life-blasting” hours levels over the last six months, I am now officially burned out. At this point, all I want to do is curl up in fetal position under a blanket and cry. I have not done so for two reasons. First, while my office does feature the beanbag I commandeered from my company’s beanbag room (now devoid of any beanbags thanks to everyone commandeering them for their offices and therefore more properly termed “the very ugly bomb shelter”), it does not have a blanket. And you know, it’s just not the same without the blanket.

To illustrate, using excel:

With blanket:

Without blanket:

Second, even according to my admittedly shockingly lax standards, engaging in either one of the above at the office would be really unprofessional.

As a result, I have had no other option but to continue working, though I do spice it up with grouchiness, self-pity and projecting a general atmosphere of doom , gloom and clinical depression.

I feel bad for my co-workers.

On the bright side, see the boots I am wearing in the above pictures? They are new! Aren’t they nice? They—together with the other three pairs of boots I bought this winter—are the one light in my life right now. Excel would be a light in my life but for the fact that it was being very naughty this week when I was trying to create some graphs. Things are still not 100% between us. It happens.


Kayla said...

Love the illustrations. I had not idea Excel was so "artsy".

Tzipporah said...

I've found that a small piece of dark chocolate and a walk around the block are often enough to prevent me from crawling under the desk and crying. Not always, but often.

Oh, that and the Zoloft. Nice boots.

Gila said...

Kay--Excel normally does what I want it to. I want artsy? It does artsy. :)

Tzipporah--Ah yes....drugs. Of all forms.

Anonymous said...

OK, you're burned out. You know what helps with that? Writing more blog posts. No, really! ;)

ProphetJoe said...

Hi Gila,

I found your blog through Paula's blog (A Soldier's Mother) and I love your writing style as well as your sense of humor. Please keep writing. I've read back through a few posts and I'm curious how your date with the man you asked out went... you had expected him to say No.

As for the weird blind date questions, I had a date (many years ago) which was essentially a blind date. I worked with her sister, but I didn't know her. About 2 hours into our date she asks "Where's the strangest place you've ever gotten laid?" Whoa - WHAT??? (I think we were looking for different things from our date! We didn't date anymore after that).

So why aren't you posting more? You seem to have a following, or maybe they're just stalkers.


P.S.- sorry I forgot your guidelines for commenting -- I meant to say "Nice fucking blog". ;-)

aliyah06 said...

I hit that point too..and kept slogging until I [drumroll here] GOT LAID OFF!!

Me and the rest of the office staff on my project...the perils of outsourcing.

Good news: I have my life back. Bad news: I have no money after pitzuim and unemployment run out.

"Must look for another job." Right. Yes. Soon. Not today...