Friday, April 15, 2011

And the winner is.....

If you will recall, a few months ago I realized I had to decide what I was going to do for Pesach. Now that Pesach is, well, here, Midianite Mama asked me, "Nu, what did you decide?"

Right, I must alert my loyal readers! All six of them that are left, seeing how I never blog anymore! :)

Anyways, I am pleased to announce that the winner is:


And a tulip, because it is Holland.

Isn't it beautiful? It is probably the only tulip I am going to see because the real tulips are probably waiting for it to be warm for them to come out. As are the tourists with any sense. But no matter, I'm going. I'll visit a flower shop and see a tulip there.

(As you can see from the above, Excel is also excited, even though it does not get to go because I am not bringing my computer with me. I suspect it is happy it gets a vacation from me.)

I chose Holland because it is the type of place that allows one to do "adventure tourism"--in my case lots and lots of biking--without having to actually be adventurous or even put out too much effort. I mean, it's Europe. It's safe. Everyone speaks English-- probably better than I do. AAAAAAnd the country is flat as a pancake and, based on reports I have received to date, is basically one, enormous bike path. For someone used to biking in Jerusalem (one enormous hill, uphill all ways, share the bike paths with cars) this is so not adventurous. And yet despite this, I get full credit for being Someone Who Seeks Adventure! Like, I can put that on Jdate and everything!


Off to pack!