Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So, my weekly blog post is now overdue and the problem is that I do not have a lot to write about. I am sitting here at Aroma with a journalist friend and just now we were discussing the matter. Of course, being a professional journalist, she has suggested any number of sensible, thoughtful, mature topics to write about while I came up with a fab idea which was none of the above. I would elaborate on my idea but the problem is that I have embarked on a mission to go on one blind date a week until such fine day when I meet that Special Someone with whom I go on two or three dates or even MORE dates with, in which case I shall be able to replace said number of weeks of blind dates with non-blind dates and wouldn’t that be nice? But anyway, on these blind dates I sometimes mention that I am the proud owner of a neglected blog and, inevitably, the blind date wants to know the name of the blog and sometimes he even reads it. In which case it would be an extraordinarily bad idea to write about what I was thinking about writing about because it would make a bad impression and then he will definitely not call me again and I am hardly going to get up to Date Two that way, am I? So, if you are my most recent blind date or an upcoming blind date and you are reading this and you want to know what my topic was, please note that:

  1. This is simply not the type of matter I would ever even remotely consider discussing with a stranger on our first or second date (although it is, apparently, the type of matter I would seriously consider putting on my blog for everyone and his grandmother to see, assuming that his grandmother reads blogs)
  2. Once we have gone out for at least 20 years, I can share this information with you. Said deadline is as per consultation with my friend, the professional journalist.
  3. By said time, I will have no recollection of either the conversation or the blog post. If you are lucky, however, maybe the professional journalist will have taken notes. (Doubtful—she really disliked my idea—but you know, those journalist instincts are said to be powerful).

As a result of the above, I am left with nothing to write about apart from my “one-blind-date-a-week-mission”. The reason for the blind dates is so that I can meet Mr. Special Someone. The reason for having one blind date per week is so I can 1) keep up the momentum and 2) any more than one will render me insane. Which is also not likely to lead to Date Two.


Prophetjoe said...

OK, so it's not what I suggested, but you wrote a new post. Good -- maybe even great! After all, you did mention a weekly post!

Blind dating. I never had much experience with that in my single life. Of course, now with teenage kids, I find that they aren't "dating" so much as "hanging". Instead of 1 guy and 1 girl going to a movie, 5 guys and 5 girls go to a movie together. That way they can tell their parents "oh, I'm going with 9 friends" and it seems innocuous. In reality, 4 of these kids are probably dating and the other 4-6 are their wing-man.

So, Gila, you're a smart, professional, single, Jewish girl living in a Jewish state. Your picture (I'll assume it's really you because I'm the trusting sort) is not unpleasant to look at -- certainly not hideous to the males of our species. Why are you resorting to a blind date a week?

What are your goals in life? What are you looking for in a man? When will you know when you've found love?

Just curious... and trying to keep the dialog running!


Gayle said...

I'm seeing what Excel would call a circular reference here. Often, you write about dates in your blog posts. Now, you need blog posts to discuss on dates. A challenge.

Uh oh. I hope I didn't scare off dates who don't want to see themselves on your blog. Feel free to delete the comment.

So, possible blog topics:
- Qaddafi and Michael Jackson: Separated at birth? Discuss.
- Office air conditioner wars: The cranky pregnant lady vs. the willowy pilates instructor in a sundress. (Oh, sorry, that's my problem.)
- Damn, I need a cup of coffee. Not so interesting a blog post, but probably relevant at most times of day.

Thinking of you even if I've been totally out of touch,

Anonymous said...

Trust me when I tell you, blind dates will give you plenty to blog about.


Tzipporah said...

Just give them the name of some other crazy blogger. If they get the joke, you know they're good enough for date #2.

ProphetJoe said...

Hi Gila,

Started a new job so I haven't been on for a while... but you haven't posted anything new so I guess I haven't missed anything!

What about the weekly post?? :-(

ProphetJoe said...


Come on now, Gila! It's been almost a month now! I know the Jewish calendar is different, but weekly means weekly!!

Tzipporah said...

Hey, Lshana Tova, Gila! Hope you're too busy on dates to blog... ;)

ProphetJoe said...

Greetings Gila!

So... what's been happening? No updates in over a month :-(

I'm hoping that maybe it's just because your next blind date was a prince and he whisked you away to a tropical island for an extended vacation.

I'm right, aren't I?

Come on, woman. Post something... PLEASE!

Before I foget -- L'Shana Tova! I hope you have a wonderful and joyous New Year!


Kayla said...

Some other topics for blog posts:

ATVs-bad for the environment but so much fun!!! (Soon you'll be able to write from experience)

Must you be naked to time travel? (Reference to the Terminator and The Time Traveller's Wife) Yet in Star Trek they are transported with their clothes on. Granted they are only travelling through space not time but still...

Why do we need Daylight savings time at all?

And of course, you can go on forever about the merits of George Michael. (Well I can but I don't have a blog).

I'm sure I'll come up with some other things to ponder but I do need to get back to work.