Friday, May 16, 2008

Vignette from the life of a Poor Sad Heroic Victim of Terror ®

A couple months after the bombing, I spent a weekend in Tel Aviv with my friends Yael and Debbie. On Friday, Yael and I headed off for a day at the beach. On our way there, we popped over to Shuk HaCarmel, the Carmel Farmers Market, to pick up stuff for lunch. We arrived at the Shuk at around noon—an hour when the place tends to be completely packed. Yael got a bit nervous.

"You know, it is really crowded…." She did not have to say more.

"No, it is okay", I blithely responded. "We are not really going into the shuk, see? We are buying stuff right at the entrance".

Yael just looked at me. Oh, right. Entrances to open markets are bad.

I really should know this. But whatever. Nothing happened.


Emah S said...

I would think that your friends would feel SAFER going places with you. I mean really, how many people have been victims of more than one suicide bombing? (no offense meant in any way, and tfu tfu tfu, knock on wood and all that.....)

Batya said...

A couple of months after "my pigua," I had a "near miss." My neighbors joked about how they wanted to stay far from me. So I reminded them that no other neighbor got hurt, even when I did.

Gila said...

Actually, my friends think of me as a little insurance policy. :)